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Writing is such a blast …

4 Jun

Lightning8_-_NOAAA crack of thunder punctuated the patter of rain on the roof. I walked from my office to our conference room to look out on the darkened afternoon. I watched the wind whip rain, leaves and small branches through the air. Now and then, lightning blazed and thunder roared.

It seemed fitting to observe the power of an afternoon thunderstorm that rolled in as I worked on the final draft of the study guide for the devotional, The Focus of Prayer.

I have completed editing the devotional itself. Last week I wrote the first draft of the study guide, and after I went back through it this week, I passed that off for editing. I think I’ll stop describing the process there. Suffice it to say that I made a two-page list of everything that needed to get done, and I’m churning through it. Every so often, I remember something else to add to the list.

I should also say that everything is on track for NTM to release the book and study guide in mid-June.

The devotional ebook and the study guide will be free. The devotional takes a look not only at praying for yourself, but two areas of prayer that are often overlooked, and integrates them into a balanced prayer. The daily study guide takes you deeper into related passages or concepts.

Does that sound like something you’ll want to use?

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