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Paperback of Karia’s Path now available!

29 Sep

Karia's PathYou can now order the paperback version of Karia’s Path, Book Two of The Day Magic Died, from

Just like the second edition of The House in the Old Wood, the list price is $10,99. And both books are usually available for less from Amazon.

Thanks for your help!

28 Sep

Wow, thank you for your response to my requests that you invite people to the Facebook page for The Day Magic Died by Ian Fallis. We are now only 9,922 short of 10,000 “Likes”!


Maybe I’d better lower my expectations. We have 78 “Likes” – can you help us get to 100?

If you didn’t already invite your friends to like the page – or you’re a new fan – could I please ask you to do so now? Here’s how:

  • Go to the page: The Day Magic Died by Ian Fallis
  • Look just below the page banner on the right. You’ll see a listing of your friends who like the page, and just below that, a list of friends you can invite.
  • Invite your friends! You can pick and choose, or you can click on friend after friend.

Please – invite away!

Here are more free and simple ways you can help. Go to The Day Magic Died on Facebook and:

  • Check out the latest posts and find one you like, then “Like” it.
  • Find one you’d like to share with your friends, and “Share” it.
  • Join a conversation about a post by commenting on it.
  • Post your own comment or question – I’d be glad to reply.
  • And make sure you keep an eye out for new posts in the coming days and weeks — like, announcements for the paperback version of Karia’s Path and the release of Book Three, The Hall of the Prophetess, and one more …


Do I have to draw you a map?

27 Sep

Book 2 Map

I hope I don’t have to draw you a map. I don’t draw terribly well. But Kristen Lang has drawn a map for the second book.

Let me recap a moment. I’ve already shared a little about Book Two, Karia’s Path. So let me gather that stuff together for you:

Back cover text

First chapter

Karia's PathSo here’s the new map that is in the print edition of Karia’s Path. I’m making it available here for Kindle users (maps can be a mess on the Kindle) and in order to make it available in color. Kristen did a great job on it, I think.

This is the map that Karia finds in The House in the Old Wood, the one that helps her figure out where to go from there, and therefore plays an important role in Karia’s Path.

Now available for Kindle: Book 2

26 Sep

Karia's Path
Karia’s Path, the second book of the series, The Day Magic Died, is now available for Kindle.

The print edition should be available in a few days.

The rest of the series

25 Sep

With all the news about The House in the Old Wood and Karia’s Path (books one and two of the series, The Day Magic Died), you might think nothing is happening with the rest of the series.

And you would be wrong.

The Hall of the Prophetess (Book 3): On track for November. All four of my critical readers have finished reading the final draft, and my designer is already at work on the cover, so as soon as the final review of Karia’s Path (Book 2) is done, I plan to:

  • Begin working through the critiques to revise the book, then start the final proofreading
  • Sketch out a map for my artist (though I still have to figure out what it will be a map of)

If all goes well, it could even be released in October. I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll share more about this book soon too.

The Dwarf’s Legacy (Book 4): Ugh. Stupid dwarf. This one is giving me fits. I spotted two serious problems with the draft: One key character came back after a betrayal, and there’s no way he would have been so trusted; and another character conveniently showed up just as he was needed and died when he was no longer needed. Ugh. Who writes this stuff? Oh, yeah, me.

So I am moving through a complete rewrite, but I’m just not feeling the magic, if you know what I mean. The primary reason is that I’ve been trying to do the rewrite while:

  • Finishing the second edition of The House in the Old Wood
  • Finalizing Karia’s Path and
  • Getting The Hall of the Prophetess ready for my critical readers.

Soon, however, I’ll be done with the first two. Once I have completed the semifinal text for The Hall of the Prophetess and turned that over to my wife for proofreading, I can really focus on The Dwarf’s Legacy (Book 4), starting with a list of everything I need the replacement characters to do. So, looking at that timing, I’m hoping for a January 2014 release.

The Day Magic Died (Book 5): I think this book needs only minor revisions, which makes an early spring 2014 release likely.

By the way, the book titles The Dwarf’s Legacy (Book 4) and The Day Magic Died (Book 5) are still working titles and subject to change. Especially if the dwarf keeps giving me grief.

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