Thanks for your help!

28 Sep

Wow, thank you for your response to my requests that you invite people to the Facebook page for The Day Magic Died by Ian Fallis. We are now only 9,922 short of 10,000 “Likes”!


Maybe I’d better lower my expectations. We have 78 “Likes” – can you help us get to 100?

If you didn’t already invite your friends to like the page – or you’re a new fan – could I please ask you to do so now? Here’s how:

  • Go to the page: The Day Magic Died by Ian Fallis
  • Look just below the page banner on the right. You’ll see a listing of your friends who like the page, and just below that, a list of friends you can invite.
  • Invite your friends! You can pick and choose, or you can click on friend after friend.

Please – invite away!

Here are more free and simple ways you can help. Go to The Day Magic Died on Facebook and:

  • Check out the latest posts and find one you like, then “Like” it.
  • Find one you’d like to share with your friends, and “Share” it.
  • Join a conversation about a post by commenting on it.
  • Post your own comment or question – I’d be glad to reply.
  • And make sure you keep an eye out for new posts in the coming days and weeks — like, announcements for the paperback version of Karia’s Path and the release of Book Three, The Hall of the Prophetess, and one more …


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