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I am SO thankful …

27 Nov

A gift ...I am so thankful for the many people who have invested in reading my books.

How thankful am I?

So thankful that I’m going to give you something in December that is better than a free book.

No, sorry. Yes, I’m talking to you, the one in the Jayne hat. Yes, you. No, not a new season of Firefly. Even I cannot do that.

This is better.

“A new car”? Come on, give me a break. On what planet is a car better than a book? A book can take you places no car can go.

Um, no. Absolutely not. I’m married. And I think I’d better stop taking questions.

You’ll just have to wait for it.

But it’ll last all December long, and I’ll tell you about it … Sunday. Or maybe Monday.

Golly, it’s like coming to the end of The House in the Old Wood, isn’t it?

Another freebie?! Yep

23 Nov

The House in the Old Wood coverDid you miss out on the free ebook? Or do you prefer a paperback? Then this offer is for you.

Pop on over to Goodreads and enter for a chance to receive one of 12 paperbacks of The House in the Old Wood.

If you haven’t joined Goodreads yet, and you like books, you ought to at least give it a try. It’s a great community of readers.

Last day free …

22 Nov

The House in the Old Wood coverAt midnight tonight, the Kindle version of The House in the Old Wood returns to its normal price, $4.99.

That’s not bad, but nothing beats free, right?

I want to take this opportunity to again thank folks for sharing the word, and for downloading the book. By the second day of the giveaway, your response exceeded my wildest expectations, in number of downloads and in making Amazon’s Kindle Top 100 Free list.

Sometime overnight The House in the Old Wood slipped back off that list, but it was there for three days, which is three more than I expected.

And for that, I thank you.

I will endeavor to reward your interest, help and friendship with books that are worthy of your investment of time and money. I trust you’ll find that the next two books in the series, Karia’s Path and The Hall of the Prophetess, live up to that promise.

Thank you

20 Nov

The House in the Old Wood coverWith your help, The House in the Old Wood has gotten into – and well into – Amazon’s coveted Top 100 Free Kindle Books list.

It’s a list that just about every Kindle owner looks at, at least once.

The book sits at #39 as I write this. Thirty-nine. Wow.

I am so grateful to you.

  • I am grateful to the folks who shared and posted and told others about my free ebook.
  • I am grateful to the thousands of people who have downloaded The House in the Old Wood.
  • I am grateful for all the reviews, which helped people decide whether to download or not.

Can I just say I am flat-out humbled by your support for me and my writing?

I never expected to see my book reach so high. I was hoping for a large number of downloads, but we’ve already surpassed the number I was hoping for. And so I thank you for helping put The House in the Old Wood on Amazon’s Top 100 Free Kindle Books list.

I hope that you, my readers, are enjoying the journey as much as I am.

I wanted to throw you all a party, but, well, with the downloads being free and all, the only entertainment I could afford was this guy …


Free ebook

19 Nov

The House in the Old Wood coverThrough Friday, The House in the Old Wood is free for Kindle!

It’s my hope that a good number of readers will get hooked … I mean, interested, and addicted … I mean, want to read more, once they inhale … I mean, read The House in the Old Wood.

It’s my way of celebrating the release of The Hall of the Prophetess, the third of five books in the series, The Day Magic Died.

So spread the word! Free ebook!

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