I am SO thankful …

27 Nov

A gift ...I am so thankful for the many people who have invested in reading my books.

How thankful am I?

So thankful that I’m going to give you something in December that is better than a free book.

No, sorry. Yes, I’m talking to you, the one in the Jayne hat. Yes, you. No, not a new season of Firefly. Even I cannot do that.

This is better.

“A new car”? Come on, give me a break. On what planet is a car better than a book? A book can take you places no car can go.

Um, no. Absolutely not. I’m married. And I think I’d better stop taking questions.

You’ll just have to wait for it.

But it’ll last all December long, and I’ll tell you about it … Sunday. Or maybe Monday.

Golly, it’s like coming to the end of The House in the Old Wood, isn’t it?

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