Can they just give it away?

22 Sep

The Focus of PrayerNew Tribes Mission is giving away my book!

But I’m good with that. I wrote it for them. And for you.

The book is called The Focus of Prayer, and it’s a 30-day devotional on, of all things, prayer. It explores three topics that are often overlooked in our prayer lives, and then examines how we can bring those together in a balanced prayer life.

It’s all packaged into 30 brief daily readings. And for those who want more, downloading the book will also give access to a free study guide. The book is available for Kindle and as a PDF.

One reader called it “superb,” and said he “found it encouraging and challenging.”

Other readers shared these comments:

“Enjoying reading through your book and growing.”

The Focus of Prayer has provided helpful insights and is helping mature my prayer life.”

Get your copy here!

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