A preview of the devotional

25 Sep

The Focus of PrayerWant to get a taste of the 30-day devotional, The Focus of Prayer? The Author’s Foreword is designed to do just that — and let’s face it, you’ll probably just skip over it in the book. So here it is:

I’d like to think that discovering an important yet overlooked fact about prayer would change a person’s life.

Unfortunately, it does not.

Years ago, I learned something significant about prayer. But when I started to write this book, it was truly ironic that I was writing about prayer. I had the third-worst prayer life of any Christian in the Western Hemisphere. (It’s true—I took a quiz on Facebook.)

So writing this book was a great fit for me, for two reasons.

First, this was the perfect place for a writer to be. I had no qualifications to say to you, “Here is the right way.” I couldn’t set myself up as an example. I could only let God be God. I could only point to what I’ve seen in His Word and, with wonder and excitement, say, “Hey, come over here! Look what I found!”

Second, working through this book allowed me to apply that fact to my prayer life. And it helped. Tremendously. Facts don’t change people. God changes people. God frequently uses prayer to reorient our hearts toward Him, and that’s when change begins.

So here’s my invitation to join me as, together, we explore and pray through what God says about prayer. I’ll show you what God used to change my prayers, and thus, my life. Let’s find joy on this journey …

Ian Fallis

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