Do I have to draw you a map?

27 Sep

Book 2 Map

I hope I don’t have to draw you a map. I don’t draw terribly well. But Kristen Lang has drawn a map for the second book.

Let me recap a moment. I’ve already shared a little about Book Two, Karia’s Path. So let me gather that stuff together for you:

Back cover text

First chapter

Karia's PathSo here’s the new map that is in the print edition of Karia’s Path. I’m making it available here for Kindle users (maps can be a mess on the Kindle) and in order to make it available in color. Kristen did a great job on it, I think.

This is the map that Karia finds in The House in the Old Wood, the one that helps her figure out where to go from there, and therefore plays an important role in Karia’s Path.

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