First book almost ready …

8 May
The House in the Old Wood

Chris Holland made this Kindle cover

My first novel is so close to publication I can almost taste it.

While paper doesn’t taste very good, it’s still exciting.

The text is finalized. I’ve been through the whole book one more time and tidied up a few more things. I’ve adjusted my acknowledgments and the blurb about the author. I’ve written the back cover text. I have the formatting all figured out for print and for Kindle.

What’s left?

The cover.

My friend Chris Holland took my humdrum cover, made a few adjustments and came up with something really nice for the Kindle cover. (That’s why she’s a designer and I’m a writer.)

Now she’s going to work on a cover for the print version. Then I’ll need to get a proof of the print version, and if all looks good, we’re ready to go. The House in the Old Wood, after a review process, should be available in print and for Kindle on Amazon. (There is a review process. I don’t anticipate any problems in that phase, but there is a review.)

And while I’m tempted to just get the Kindle version out there, I’m not going to. I don’t want folks who prefer a printed book to go looking, see it’s just available on Kindle and give up.

But … soon. Really soon.

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