Never fear. The end is in sight …

15 May

If I was thinking about buying the first book in a series, such as The House in the Woods, I’d at least wonder, “What’s up with the other books?”

And if it was from a first-time novelist who admitted he had trouble finishing things in the past, I might even wonder, “Will the ending to this series even be written?”

So I want to tell you that you can relax.

The story of The Day Magic Died is told in five books, and the next four have been at least drafted. (That means they’re all written, but are still works-in-progress.)

Book Two, tentatively titled Tsilinakaya’s Path, is on course to be available in October. This week I plan to read all the way through it again, primarily looking at the story elements. If all looks good, I’ll turn it over to a proofreader, and then to three people who are “critical readers” – you know, the kind who stop halfway through a poorly written novel because they spotted problems or errors.

It’s conceivable that if all that goes smoothly, the book could be ready earlier. But I don’t want to rush through this; I’d rather deliver a quality product. That’s why I delayed publishing The House in the Woods for two weeks.

Book Three, tentatively titled The Hall of the Prophetess, needs some work. The bulk of the story takes place in the aforementioned hall. When I first drafted it, the hall was in one type of setting. But on reading it again, it seemed implausible. So I rewrote it with a different type of setting. But that introduced other problems that interfered with the story. So I’m rewriting it with a setting similar to, but distinct from, the original setting.

Book Four, which I am very tentatively calling The Legacy of the Dwarf, needs a more vigorous rewrite. It has a serious believability issue that I am going to remedy by replacing one of the main characters in the book. And of course, since one character does not act the same way as another character, that’s going to change the storyline a bit.

But I plan to end up at the same place, because Book Five pretty much works as drafted. It does now, anyway. I originally wrote six books in the series, but the original Book Five was awful. So I deleted 80 chapters of it and merged Book Six into Book Five. I like what I ended up with. I’m tentatively calling it The Day Magic Died, but that could change.

The bottom line is, the whole story is written. I’m just making it presentable still.

You’ll find brief summaries of each book on my Books page.

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