Five people you’ll meet

24 May

Five of the people you’ll meet when you read The House in the Old Wood:

1. Karia: A pretty redhead? She doesn’t think so. She thinks of herself as awkward, skinny and pale, as she deals with the challenges of growing up. And then she gets tossed into a maelstrom. Her response? She’s not just going to keep her head above water, she’s going to fight her way out of it. But don’t get the idea she’s some kind of warrior princess or something. She’s vulnerable, naïve and sometimes scared. She makes mistakes. She doubts herself. Sound like anyone you know?

2. Generality: Not the concept, the person. Or rather, the faerie. “A fat, sassy man-faerie,” as one reader put it. He’s sarcastic, easily offended and really doesn’t understand people. So he definitely doesn’t understand teenage girls. Oh, I guess that last one isn’t very unusual, is it?

3. Nana: Her calm, straight talk cuts to the heart of the matter and ends many arguments. She makes tea and grows flowers, and Karia loves her no less than if she were her own grandma. Oh, and she’s prone to saying things like, “Don’t go pouring dumb on top of stupid.” What more could you want?

4. Sikarra: The red-headed and freckled six-year-old thinks Karia is her cousin just because she doesn’t know anyone else with red hair and freckles. And like any six-year-old, she tends to say whatever pops into her head, leading to at least one awkward moment for Karia.

5. The Magician: Also known as The Seeker, he’s smoother than a snake-oil salesman. What does he want with Karia? I guess you’ll just have to read the book …

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