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Proof is in my hands!

16 May
Chapter One

Chapter One

I felt relieved to actually hold the printed proof of The House in the Old Wood when it arrived today.

It seemed like an odd response. Happy or proud would have made sense. Excited even. But relieved?

Perhaps it’s because it’s taken a lot of work to get to this point. Writing was the easy, fun part. Editing and proofreading were not that bad either, at least not to me. The cover was a mystery, and I’m glad someone took care of that for me.

You know what was hardest? The formatting.

I wanted to be sure it looked just like a book is supposed to look. And that took a lot of work. But I think it was worth it in the end. It looks like a book.

So I’ve approved it for printing, and the paperback version should be available on in five to seven days. And I expect to have some printed copies for sale myself around the first of June.

OK, now I’m getting excited.

Never fear. The end is in sight …

15 May

If I was thinking about buying the first book in a series, such as The House in the Woods, I’d at least wonder, “What’s up with the other books?”

And if it was from a first-time novelist who admitted he had trouble finishing things in the past, I might even wonder, “Will the ending to this series even be written?”

So I want to tell you that you can relax.

The story of The Day Magic Died is told in five books, and the next four have been at least drafted. (That means they’re all written, but are still works-in-progress.)

Book Two, tentatively titled Tsilinakaya’s Path, is on course to be available in October. This week I plan to read all the way through it again, primarily looking at the story elements. If all looks good, I’ll turn it over to a proofreader, and then to three people who are “critical readers” – you know, the kind who stop halfway through a poorly written novel because they spotted problems or errors. Continue reading

Now published!

14 May

The House in the Old Wood is now available on for Kindle.

The paperback version could be available as soon as this weekend. A proof is being shipped to me, and is scheduled to arrive Thursday. If everything looks good — and I have every reason to expect it will — I will be able to approve it for distribution.

The only thing I don’t know is how long it will take from there. Based on the speed of their activities in regard to the Kindle version, I am thinking that the paperback version could be available this weekend.

But if you have a Kindle, here you go:

The House in the Old Wood

Closer now

13 May

I think I kind of sort of in a small way think I understand just a little of what my youngest daughter is going through right now as she awaits the birth of her first baby.

I have submitted to Amazon everything that needs to be submitted to publish my first book, The House in the Old Wood.

Amazon is reviewing the cover and content for print edition, and the content for the Kindle edition.  It could be available for Kindle as soon as Tuesday, and I could have a proof of the printed version this week.

I’ll keep you posted.

Not so fast …

11 May

The cover for the printed version of my first book, The House in the Old Wood, isn’t done yet.

So we took the time to go back through the manuscript again. I am increasingly confident that my wife and I have caught all the typos. Most of what we found would be classified as “style” errors. Those are things that are not necessarily wrong, but are inconsistent. For example:

  • When I am conveying what the lead character’s is thinking, I’ve italicized it. But we found one place where her thoughts were in regular type with quotation marks.
  • I’ve spelled out all numbers. This was a tough one for me. I’m used to a more newspaper-y style, where you use numerals for ten and above. But in the vast majority of books, all numbers are spelled out.
  • Names or titles in quotes — like Mom and Dad — I’ve capitalized.

So most of the things we were fixing weren’t necessarily wrong, and probably wouldn’t stand out to the typical reader. But getting those things right makes for a more professional book that people are going to be able to simply enjoy.

That’s also why I’ve used some of this time to make sure the formatting of the print book and the ebook are good. Getting them adequate wasn’t all that hard. Getting them to look professional took some time. Again, I think it makes it more likely to readers will simply be able to enjoy the books, because in paper or on a Kindle or in a Kindle program on another device, they’ll look like a professional book.

So my anticipated timeline at this point is:

  • Submit the print and electronic versions to Amazon Monday.
  • Get a proof of the print version late in the week.
  • Approve it (if it’s all fine), order some print copies and ask Amazon to list both versions.
  • And then, if all goes well, the book will be available in paperback and Kindle editions the last week of May.

I can hardly wait.

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