Not the right time for Reason No. 13

21 Jun

OK, so if I was following my normal sequence, this would be Reason No. 13 to read The House in the Old Wood. So I thought that instead of giving a 13th reason today, on a Friday of all things, I’d tell you how things are going with the next books in the series The Day Magic Died.

The second book, tentatively renamed Karia’s Path, is out to a few critical readers for their feedback. Depending on what they say, I may be able to move the release date for Book 2 up from October. I’d like to do that, if I can do so without rushing the book out before it’s ready.

By the way, why is it now Karia’s Path instead of Tsilinakaya’s Path? Well, it’s because of something important I’ve learned as a budding novelist: Big words like Tsilinakaya are awfully hard to fit on a cover. Profound, huh?

I am about one-third of the way through revisions on Book 3. I’m having to completely change the setting in which the majority of the book takes place — and that’s not simple. The setting has quite an influence on the story itself. It’s just that the setting for the book did not fit with the rest of the series. Maybe after it’s out and you’ve had a chance to read it, I can explain more.

That one may undergo a tentative name change too. In The Hall of the Prophetess, the word Prophetess is also going to be tough to fit on a cover well.

Oh, and, if I manage to move up the release date for Book 2, I’ll definitely be working toward moving up the release date for Book 3.

What I’d really like to do is release Book 2 in September and Book 3 in November. I should be able to update you on those plans in a week or two.


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