Good news, bad news

21 Sep

Inside of Karia's PathOK, it’s supposed to work this way, I know, but …

The good news is that I caught a few problems as I read through the proof copy of Karia’s Path, the second book that tells the story of The Day Magic Died. That means I’ll be able to go back to the text and fix them, and you’ll get a better book when it comes out.

The bad news is that this will delay the release of Karia’s Path. Julie needs to go through the book as well, and then I need to change some things, upload the new text and check it. That’ll only take a few days, but it means the Kindle edition of the book will most likely not be available until the first week of October, with the print version following about five days later.

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I think you’ll agree it’s for a good reason.

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