Want free bookmarks?

3 Oct

BookmarkI’ve just had bookmarks made, and I’d be glad to give or send some to you, as a thank-you for reading my books. (The picture above shows both sides of one bookmark.)

Yes, they’re free, but there’s a catch. Notice I said, “I’d be glad to give or send some to you.” The least you will get is five. You can keep one, but I want you give the other four away to friends, and to encourage them to read the books too.

I’ve already had one person tell me, “But I don’t have four friends.” Then these bookmarks are perfect for you. Giving a stranger a bookmark may just start you on the road to another friendship.

If you want more than five, that’s great too. Just keep one as my thanks to you for reading my the books, and give the others away.

Send a message through the page on Facebook, or use the contact form here.

This offer is good until I run out of bookmarks.

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