Good reviews needed

5 Oct

Now that Book 2, Karia’s Path, is out, it’s in need of good reviews.

Whoops, let me clarify. I don’t mean I’m asking for five-star raving reviews. Those are nice, but even a critical one-star review can be a good review.

A good review is useful, pertinent and honest.

A useful review gives potential buyers information that helps them evaluate whether this is or is not a good purchase for them.

So you might compare and contrast the book with similar books in the genre, or with the first book, The House in the Old Wood. You could tell them what you liked or didn’t like (without spoilers, please). You may wish to mention whether you found it engrossing or captivating; whether you learned anything; how it made you feel; and if you plan to keep reading the series.

A pertinent review pertains to the book in question. A review of Karia’s Path shouldn’t dwell on The House in the Old Wood, though you might mention it since they’re in the same series. It shouldn’t be a personal statement about the author, such as “He’s a really nice guy” or “Never trust an author with a beard.”

But it could be about the packaging. If your paperback had problems, or you thought the formatting for the Kindle was awesome, say so.

An honest review means just that. Tell the truth. No one is served by an overly glowing review. And a deliberately and dishonestly nasty review is just, well, nasty. Say what you mean. You don’t need to sugarcoat it.

Feel free to post a mixed review. I often find mixed reviews are the most helpful kind, because they give me the opportunity to decide based on how important the factors cited are to me.

And thank you. Thank you for reading the books, and an extra thanks to those who post reviews.

Don’t have Karia’s Path yet? Get it!

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