What’s Book 3 about?

20 Oct

The Hall of the ProphetessThis evening I finished my final read-through of Book 3, The Hall of the Prophetess.

What’s this mean? Well, only a few steps remain to publish the book, so everything is on track for the book to be released Nov. 18. But what’s the book about? Well, here’s what the book’s back cover says:

By now, Karia should be used to finding out that everything she thought she knew was wrong.

Girls can’t do magic? Wrong. Faeries aren’t real? Wrong. No such thing as redbears? Wrong again.

So it shouldn’t surprise her – but it does – when her enemies treat her as if she is an honored guest. And she ought to have realized her quest to destroy magic would be nowhere near as straightforward as she thought.

Maybe she should even have expected a bloody confrontation, and new friends who are willing to die for her because of her forgiving, gentle spirit.

But nothing could have prepared her for what is being withheld from her.

Of course, before you get The Hall of the Prophetess, you’ll need to buy and read If you haven’t yet) The House in the Old Wood (Book 1) and Karia’s Path (Book 2)

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