Please help spread the word

24 Oct

Most of the folks who have bought my books so far, bought them because they know me. Thanks!

If you enjoy the books – and a number of you have said you do (again, thanks!) – would you help me get them in front of more readers?

You’re a much more effective voice than I am. Of course I want people to buy the books. But you wouldn’t be telling people about the books unless you really liked them. Or you owed me money. Which almost no one does. Unless you’re feeling guilty and think you might owe me money. In that case, feel free to ease your guilt by telling people about the books.

Here are some more specific ideas …

Put it out: If you have a print version of one or more of my books, put it on your desk at work or on your coffee table. Or drive through a bad part of town with the passenger window down and the book on the passenger seat. Wait, on second thought, don’t do that last one.

Loan the book: Let someone else read your print copy of the first book. That’s one of the best ways to get people to read it. And then they’ll be hooked and have to read the next book. But don’t let them borrow your copy of the other books. Send them to Amazon for Karia’s Path instead. Bwahahahahaha!

Give a book (or two or three or more) as a gift: Discounted to less than $10 each on Amazon for paperbacks and as little as $4.99 for the Kindle edition, they’re great gifts for friends who have birthdays coming up. And don’t forget, Christmas is just around the corner. (Hint hint hint) Oh, and if you don’t want to really irritate them, best start with The House in the Old Wood.

Post a review: Tell others what you think of the books on or at — or on your blog or Facebook or anywhere else you think folks will see it. Pick out something you liked about the book. A reason you enjoyed the book. A book you would compare it to. Be honest. You won’t hurt my feelings. Well, maybe you will, but I’ll get even. I mean, I’ll get over it. Yeah, that’s what I meant. See what others have written about The House in the Old Wood and Karia’s Path.

Tell your friends: Like a review, pick out something you liked about the book. A reason you enjoyed the book, or a book you would compare it to. One great way to do this is with a bookmark. I have plenty still, and I’d be glad to send some your way so you can spread the word. Message me on Facebook, or use the Contact form on my blog.

Here are some of ways other people have helped spread the word:

  • One person bought a copy to donate to a rummage sale
  • I donated copies to a charity that provides gifts for parents to give to teens at Christmas
  • A teacher put it in a classroom lending library (she says students are loving it)
  • My son-in-law set it out on a coffee table (and now his co-workers have bought Karia’s Path)
  • My wife and I put a couple in a gift exchange – you know, one of those where people trade for gifts they want? And several wanted them.
  • A friend suggested the book to a book club.

How have you spread the word? Have you used any of these? Or something else? How did it go?

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