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17 Nov

The Hall of the ProphetessOne day until the release of The Hall of the Prophetess, Book 3 of the series, The Day Magic Died. On Nov. 18, we’ll unveil the book … and a surprise!

If you’ve read Book 2, Karia’s Path, you know this is how it ended (spoiler alert):

She shook her head and decided not to think about that. She walked to the guardroom and ate, then helped Generality pack up the last things. She saddled the horses. She put the haversack over the pommel of her saddle and buckled the belt with the dagger at her waist. She slung the shortbow and quiver over her left shoulder. She tied Nebok off to Tsilinki’s saddle and climbed onto Tsilinki. She had Generality alight on her right shoulder.

A short distance down the road, she heard Generality begin to snore.

That made her smile briefly. Then, as she looked down the snowy road ahead, her face took on a look of grim determination.

“I’m sorry, Gerik,” she said. “I’m coming.”

Find out what happens in The Hall of the Prophetess!

But make sure you read these first:

Book 1: The House in the Old Wood

Book 2: Karia’s Path

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