Enjoy the journey, and feed a family

2 Dec

What can I give you for Christmas that’s better than a free book?

An opportunity to make a difference.

In December, when you journey into Karia’s world and her quest by purchasing one of my books, you’ll be feeding a family.

Here’s how it works:

For each book in the series The Day Magic Died that is sold in December, I will give $1 to Rice & Beans Foundation of Phoenix, Arizona.

Rice & Beans Foundation will use the money to buy – what else? – rice and beans for needy families in Nicaragua, where $1 will provide enough food for a family for a day.

Why rice and beans?

Well, besides being a nutritious, filling meal, and a staple in Latin America, it’s also a staple for Karia and her family. Remember this from the first book, The House in the Old Wood?

Oh, and there in the back she found jiki, tiny red beans, and kariki, the larger dark red beans her dad liked. …

She remembered all the times he would push back from the table when times were tough and they were eating their tenth or eleventh or even twentieth meal in a row of boiled hinarka and kariki. He’d smile and say, “Failean, if all I have for the rest of my life is hinarka and kariki and you and Karia, I’ll be a happy man.”

And her mom would always reply, “Well, Reva, one day Karia is going to have a family of her own, and you’re going to eat up all the hinarka and kariki, so I hope you’ll be OK with just me!”

She laughed out loud at the memory of them smiling and kissing, then drawing her into their embrace. She wished it was all so simple again.

I think that to Karia, rice and beans – or hinarka and kariki, if you prefer – sort of means family. And the whole concept of making a difference is a big deal to the entire series. That’s why Karia chose to fight back, instead of just giving in to magic. What a great fit.

So this month, buy a book and feed a family:

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  1. Best Christmas ever! | Ian and Julie Fallis - December 26, 2013

    […] provide (so far) the equivalent of meals for a week for eleven needy families in Nicaragua, through my book sales and a partnership with Rice & Beans […]

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