Closing in on completion

21 Jan

The Day Magic DiedMost of the weekend, I tried to work on the rewrite of Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy.

I failed to make progress Friday evening.

I thought that after spending the day at the Central Florida Highland Games Saturday, and leaving early, I would get some rewriting done Saturday night. I got nowhere.

I took another stab at it after church Sunday, but it was no good. I thought that making noodles and bread for dinner would help, but after dinner the story was no different.

Since I had Monday off, I figured I’d get up at 5 like I usually do and launch into the rewrite. I do my best writing in the morning.

But not Monday morning. And not Monday afternoon either. Just before dinner, as I was resigned to not getting anything to work … everything suddenly clicked.

I’m now 94,000 words through the rewrite. I have 7,500 words from the original draft left to revise.

Sometimes revisions go slower than writing. That’s because in addition to telling the story, you need to be careful about how the changes you make affect what you’ve already written on up ahead. Other times, revisions go quicker because there’s not a lot of work needed.

I was hung up on that transition from one to the other. And that means the 7,500 words that are left fall into the less-work-needed category. Karia’s relationships are stable in this section, and the character I replaced earlier in the book is not in this section. I just have one character who needs to be removed, and that’s working well.

I anticipate finishing this tonight. Then what?

  • I do one more read-through, adjusting as I see necessary.
  • Julie proofreads the book.
  • I fix the typos and anything else she spots.
  • I get the book out to my four critical readers.
  • I go over all their comments and make the necessary changes and corrections.

I’ll also be getting my designer everything she needs for the cover, and then we’re on to formatting, uploading, and making the book ready to be sold and read.

It still appears that The Dwarf’s Legacy will be out in late February.

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