Looking forward …

14 May

TWSH-coverI am back from my time in the woods and on vacation, and made great progress on Book 5, The White-Silver House.

I’ve mentioned before that I drafted all five books in the series The Day Magic Died before I released the first one, The House in the Old Wood. (Actually, I drafted six books. But the fifth book seemed to wander around and make no progress, so I cut out the last 80 chapters and merged Books 5 and 6.)

All of the drafts needed a lot of work before they were ready to publish, and Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy, required an extensive rewrite. Book 5, I thought, was very close.

I was correct, but …

The draft of Book 5 opened well after the events of Book 4. It seemed, as I read it, to leave too many questions unanswered. Then the setting for the first part of the book didn’t seem to work very well. So I have begun revising the book so it begins almost immediately at the ending of Book 4, and moves to a different setting … one that involves The Black. (No more about that yet … you’ll have to wait until the book comes out to find out more.)

And in addition to the cover posted above, I’ve also updated my description of the book on my Books page:

Reaching the halfway point in her quest is not exactly satisfying to Karia. It’s not simply a matter of convincing the rest of the First Ones to go along with her plan – as if any part of that is going to be simple. It’s also a question of how final the ending is for Karia personally. Must she die? Is there any other way to remove magic from the world? Or perhaps to remove its malignancy?

Perhaps the answer lies in the strange properties of white silver.

I’m still working toward releasing the fifth and final book this summer.

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