10 reasons The Day Magic Died is better than A Song of Ice and Fire, part two

15 Jul

You may have heard people say that George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (that’s the books on which HBO’s Game of Thrones is based, in case you missed that) is the best fantasy series of our time. And yesterday I gave you five of the ten reasons my series, The Day Magic Died, is better.

Here are reasons six through ten:

6. Trustworthy: Look at the man. George RR Martin has a beard! I always say, never trust a man with a beard. Yes, I have a beard too. So? What are you implying?

7. You knead this: Never once, in all those words in all those books in A Song of Ice and Fire, does Martin give a detailed description of making bread. You’ll not find one in the Game of Thrones TV series either. But The House in the Old Wood, the first book of The Day Magic Died,does. Just like all those other pieces of great literature with baking scenes. I can’t think of any right off the bat, but I’m sure they’ll come to me.

8. Use your imagination: You can watch Game of Thrones on TV. But there’s no TV series or movie version of The Day Magic Died, so there’s nothing to keep you from using your own imagination to picture the characters and scenes as they play out. However, I should add in case any producers are reading this, I’d consider sacrificing my readers’ imaginations for the right amount of money.

9. Speaking of imagination: The Day Magic Died has better mythical creatures. I’d put a ferebeast or a redbear up against a direwolf any day. But A Song of Ice and Fire has dragons, you say? Well, I’ve got a dragon too – and she’s immortal. Take that! Wait. She’s also dead. Sort of. Hang on, my immortal dragon is sort of dead? Boy, I wish I would have noticed that before I was four books in …

10. But in the end: My dwarf is taller. Need I say more?

You ought to run right out (or really, open another tab) and get your copy of my series today. Available in paperback or for Kindle:

The House in the Old WoodKaria's Path

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