The Kindle Unlimited no one knows

23 Jul

Poor misunderstood Kindle Unlimited. No one seems to know what it is.

Are you paying for an overpriced library card … or for the key to a treasure chest?

Is it a place that lacks your favorite authors … or is it a mine of uncut gems?

Even Amazon isn’t helping. They call Kindle Unlimited “unlimited access to over 600,000 titles” … but is it actually an open door to thousands and thousands of undiscovered worlds?

Think about this: What if I told you that for $9.99 a month I could take you to amazing places you might never dream of going yourself?

That’s the promise of Kindle Unlimited.

The heart and soul of the offerings on Kindle Unlimited are the works of independent authors who take part in Amazon’s Kindle Select program. (Full disclosure: Like me.) They are, for the most part, authors you have never heard of. Authors whose books you may be reluctant to spend money on. I understand; I’ve been there. I’ve questioned whether I want to spend $4.99 on a book by someone I don’t know.

But now, $9.99 a month gives you and me the opportunity to discover authors we really enjoy, who we might otherwise never even know existed.

It’s like paying $10 to walk down a very long street where there’s a band in every garage. Some you’ll find competent, maybe even good, but not your style. Some you just plain won’t like. One or two might be just plain bad. But somewhere on that very long street you are bound to find one that just fits. One you can watch and follow and recommend, and know that you played a part in their success.

That’s the promise of Kindle Unlimited. Without the headache.

You might download a few books that you end up not liking. So? You’re not limited. You can keep looking. And that’s not really the point. The real point is, with all those Kindle Select titles, chances are very high that you’ll find some books and authors you really like. You will discover hidden gems that might otherwise have lain buried deep in Amazon’s listings. You will.

Then you can follow them and watch them. (I’m speaking metaphorically here, not encouraging stalking.) You can recommend them to your friends, spread the word on blogs and Facebook and Twitter — and know that you helped them succeed. You can probably even contact them and get a personal response. Ask questions, and get answers. Get to know them, if you want.

So look at authors you don’t know. Check out genres you’ve said you don’t like. Take a chance on something different.

Isn’t that why you read? For discovery?

Come on, then! There are worlds waiting for you to discover them.

Kindle Unlimited 30-day free trial

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