Progress updates

9 Aug

Yep, updates. I am simultaneously working on three books …

TWSH-coverThe White-Silver House

My revision calls for five or so new chapters to be written, in order to set the story moving in the direction I want it to go. I completed the third of these this morning.

What’s next?

  • Write the other two “redirectional” chapters
  • Work through the book from front to back, insert the new chapters and generally working to keep the tension high and building

Why do I want to keep the tension high and building? This is the final book, the climax of the series. This is where it all comes together. I want you to rush along with Karia to the ending, swept up by the circumstances and situations, duty and responsibility, just as she is.

I want you to enjoy the journey, all the way to the end.

Haven’t read the series? Start here

the-man-with-two-eyes-kindle-coverThe Man with Two Eyes

This is the second Nascent Payne novella, and the second book in the Hunt for the Wallaby series. To tell the truth, I’m fumbling with this a bit. I need to get the storyline straightened out, then try to move right on through this book. Because this needs to be done before I finish …

The No-Good Book

I’m making great progress on this one. Writing this has helped me get my mind off The White-Silver House, so the seeds of that story can germinate, while keeping me writing. I think you’ll enjoy this third Nascent Payne Mystery, and the third book of the Hunt for the Wallaby series. This book also introduces a character I’m thinking of spinning off, Detective Chief Inspector Broderick Lake of the Interstellar Marshals Service. Oh, and an evil, evil mobster by the name of Gero Zikata. With reappearances by two other characters — besides Flynn and Fiona — from the first Nascent Payne novella, The sort-of Murder of Fiona Galloway. I think this book is even better than the first one. So I really have to work on the second book, not just to get it done, but to make sure it’s up to the quality of the first and third books.

This series starts with The sort-of Murder of Fiona Galloway (The Hunt for the Wallaby) (Volume 1).

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