What’s ‘The Man with Two Eyes’ about?

1 Dec

The Man with Two EyesHere’s the back cover text …

Nascent Payne, private investigator, takes on his second case, the disappearance of Helena Popov.

It soon turns out that Helena has been murdered, and Payne suspects that his client, Helena’s dad, at least knows more than he’s letting on. He may even be a suspect.

Or maybe it’s Helena’s boyfriend — or is he her pimp? Or perhaps it’s time for Payne to become a full-time Wallaby hunter.

The Man with Two Eyes is the perfect size to provide a normal reader with a few hours of enjoyable reading. But who ever said you’re normal? So adjust the light, sit back and have fun with a few hours of paranormal reading. (Though Payne’s sidekick Flynn would tell you, it’s not paranormal, it’s science.)

The Man with Two Eyes is the second Nascent Payne Mystery, and the second book in the Wallaby Hunter series.

With the second Nascent Payne Mystery in the works, now is a perfect time to read the first one, The sort-of Murder of Fiona Galloway.

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