The House in the Old Wood is about …

21 May

When a game of hide-and-seek opens the door to a magically hidden house in the woods, Karia has to grow up quickly.

She’s just turned fifteen, and her people say that makes her a woman. But she still feels like a kid. She pictures herself as an unattractive stick. She plays games with the neighbor boys. And she doesn’t understand why she’s supposed to sew and cook instead of working in the fields. It’s a confusing and difficult time of life for her.

What’s in the magical house, and the truths it causes to come spilling out, make things worse. Far worse.

It all comes back to magic, the force that has ravaged her world, the force she has grown up despising. Now magic desires to consume and control her.

She will not allow that. She will fight back. She will end magic.

Now, if she only knew how …
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