Now available: More for less

13 Sep

The House in the Old Wood cover
The second edition of The House in the Old Wood (Book 1 of The Day Magic Died) is now available from

But that’s just the beginning of the exciting news!

Before I tell you more about the second edition, let me tell you why I’ve released the second edition at this time: The second book, Karia’s Path, is just days away from being released. More on that soon. Here’s the great news about the second edition of The House in the Old Wood:

Lower prices: I’ve dropped the prices on the second edition, so if you’ve been waiting to buy one, now is the time. The Kindle version list price has plunged from $7.99 to $4.99. The paperback list price goes from $12.99 to $10.99 (and will likely be discounted further by Amazon). Order yours today!

OK, how about even lower prices? With a new program from Amazon called Matchbook, if you bought the print version of the first edition of The House in the Old Wood through Amazon, you will be able to get the second edition for your Kindle for only $1.99.

What? You want free? You got it. But not yet. Amazon says it can take four weeks for them to determine whether an update to a Kindle book is major or minor. Either way, the update is free. But if it’s major – and I have asked them to consider this a major update – everyone who bought a Kindle edition will get an email notifying them of the update and telling them how to get it. If not, you’ll have to watch the blog for notice. So hold on, and I’ll keep you posted.

So why do I consider this a major update? I’ll tell you that in the coming days, and tell you more about Karia’s Path and the other books.

And you know what? You folks who took a gamble and bought the first edition of my first book are my most important readers. I’m not going to leave you out if you don’t want to buy a second edition of a book you already have. As I share here on my blog what’s new in the second edition, I’ll also share most of that same content, free, as a way of saying thank you.

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