Last chance for the first edition of Book 1

14 Sep

I have the last ten new copies of the first edition of The House in the Old Wood. These I will personalize and autograph and sell to you for $10 each, plus actual shipping if I have to ship it to you. This is an investment, folks. Not only is the price lower, but some day, these will be worth more. Yes, in the distant future, a used bookstore will give you 49 cents for a used second edition. But pull out a signed first edition, and they could offer you as much as 54 cents! With just ten of these great investment opportunities left, you should get in touch with me today!

Update: As of this morning — Monday, Sept. 16 — there are seven first editions left.

Updated update: Three first editions left as of Tuesday, Sept. 17; and I have confirmed that shipping is $3 anywhere in the continental USA.

4 Responses to “Last chance for the first edition of Book 1”

  1. Jeanie Gerrick at 7:57 pm #

    I want one, Ian.. I’ll send you the money?? How should we do that???

  2. Juleen Edwards at 11:27 am #

    Ian, I would like a copy of The House in the Old Wood, if you still have one. Let me know and I can pay you through paypal or send you a check. Thanks, Juleen

    • ianfallis at 11:30 am #

      Just in time … the last one is reserved for you. A check works best. Thanks!

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