How close is Book 2? Very

16 Sep

Karia's PathThis morning, I looked over the map for Karia’s Path, the second book in the series, The Day Magic Died. Once four or five minor changes are made, the map will be done, and that will set in place a cascade of events that will lead to Karia’s Path being available for sale in print and for Kindle.

So far, what’s done is:

  • Writing, revising and editing: The biggest revision took place very early in the process, right after The House in the Old Wood was revised. Otherwise, the book is pretty much as it was originally written. Oh, and I had to change a really cheesy closing line. Embarrassingly cheesy. One of these days – after you’ve had a chance to read the new, good closing line – I may share it with you so you can laugh at me. We also took a much closer look for typos and missing words.
  • Cover design: I really liked what my designer did with the original cover for the first book, The House in the Old Wood. And she stepped it up for the second edition. That spiffiness carries over for the cover of Karia’s Path.
  • File preparation: The raw files for the print and Kindle versions are complete and ready for the final steps.

This means that when the map is completed, I’ll work through a set of steps to make Karia’s Path available to you:

  • Digitize the map: It’s ink-on-paper, so I’ll need to photograph it and adjust the file for printing in black-and-white, as well as optimizing it so you can see it here on this blog.
  • Insert the map into the book: The files have to be the right format and resolution (and it’s files, not file, because I need to split it across two pages). They have to be inserted the right way, and the book file needs to be set up properly, or the map won’t look right.
  • Upload the book’s insides: The cover is already uploaded and checked. Amazon will do an automated check of the files for the inside, then show me the insides so I can verify that everything uploaded properly and looks right.
  • Amazon file review: Amazon will review the book file and present the entire book for me to review online. If it looks good, I’ll order a proof – a printed copy of the book.
  • My review: After I receive the book – which could take a few days – I’ll go through it, and barring any issues, approve it for printing. Then I’ll upload the Kindle version.
  • Amazon book review: Amazon will review the content of the book and will likely approve it.
  • Kindle version available: The Kindle version is likely to be available in a day or two.
  • Print version available: The print version can take five working days before it is available.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But it should go quickly. The two longest parts are likely to be waiting to receive my printed proof, and waiting for Amazon to offer the print version. Altogether, I’m thinking two weeks.

How does that sounds to you?

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