Big news on Books 1 and 2

18 Sep

The House in the Old Wood cover

The House in the Old Wood (Book 1): One first edition left. I’m down to the last print copy of the first edition. It’s $10, and if you’re not in Central Florida and can’t pick it up, shipping is only $3 anywhere in the USA. And I’ll sign it. (Or not. Your choice.) Drop me a line if you want the last one. Update: The last one is spoken for. So unless someone backs out, you’re going to have to pick up the new and improved second edition, in print or for Kindle.

Karia’s Path (Book 2): Proof ordered. This is a major milestone. The files are all submitted and reviewed by Amazon, so the next step is for me to get and look over a “proof” copy of the book. So remember that big long list of things that needed to happen before Karia’s Path was released? We’ve completed five of eight. It’ll take a few days for the proof to reach me, and then a few more days to look it over, so this is perhaps the longest step. But it’s a milestone in the process, and keeps us on track for a release of at least the Kindle version this month.

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