While we wait for Book 2 …

17 Sep

Would you help spread the word?

Right now, 68 people like the Facebook page, The Day Magic Died by Ian Fallis. Thank you! With more “likes” we are more likely to get more interaction and more people will hear about the books and – I hope – buy them.

Will you please invite your friends to like the page? Here’s how:

  • Go to the page: The Day Magic Died by Ian Fallis
  • Look just below the page banner on the right. You’ll see a listing of your friends who like the page, and just below that, a list of friends you can invite.
  • Invite your friends! You can pick and choose, or you can click until you have calluses on the index finger. If you have that many friends, that is. Not meaning to imply you don’t have friends. Just that creating a callus would take a huge number of friends. Really. That’s all I meant.

So please – invite away!

You can also help in these other free and simple ways. Go to The Day Magic Died on Facebook and:

  • Check out the latest posts and find one you like, then “Like” it.
  • Find one you’d like to share with your friends, and “Share” it.
  • Join a conversation about a post by commenting on it.
  • Post your own comment or question – I’d be glad to reply.
  • And make sure you keep an eye out for new posts in the coming days and weeks.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming for you and your friends:

  • Read the first chapter of Book 2, Karia’s Path
  • See the map that will be included in Karia’s Path
  • Find out first when Karia’s Path is released
  • Find a relatively solid release date for Book 3, The Hall of the Prophetess
  • Preview the back cover text for The Hall of the Prophetess
  • Read the first chapter of The Hall of the Prophetess
  • Maybe even see the map for The Hall of the Prophetess

So … please help us get more “Likes.” Invite your friends, and don’t forget to like, share and comment:

The Day Magic Died

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