On course for a Nov. 18 release

5 Nov

The Hall of the ProphetessEvery detail but one is hammered out for Book 3, The Hall of the Prophetess.

And the last step’s a doozy.

My designer, Chris Holland, has completed the cover for the print edition, and I have used that to create the Kindle cover.

There’s no map in The Hall of the Prophetess, so I’m not waiting on an artist.

I have worked through all the issues pointed out by my team of critical readers. Then it was proofread again, and I fixed all of the problems the proofreader found.

Well, I fixed all but one thing. The one thing I must address before I can begin the publishing process.

I have one character who does not speak Teneka well. (A little backstory: She considers the language beneath her.) So as I wrote her dialogue, I took out all contractions and had her use only present tense. Even so, there were a few things she “said” that confused some of my critical readers.

And as Julie read her dialogue, she suggested that it seemed odd that the character could conjugate verbs (as in, she could differentiate between I say and he says) yet could not use tenses.

She’s right.

Ugh. This is a major character, playing a role on almost every page of The Hall of the Prophetess. But I’ve bitten the bullet, and I’m changing how she speaks. Every line.

I’m about one-third of the way through the book so far, and I’ll be working on it again tonight. This also means another read-through by me, and another round of proofreading, before the book is ready. But we’re still on course for a Nov. 18 release.

So you’d better have read the first two books by then, right?

The House in the Old Wood

Karia’s Path

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