Book 3 launch, here we come!

12 Nov

The Hall of the ProphetessLast night I made a few final tweaks to the text of Book 3, The Hall of the Prophetess, and uploaded all the files for the paperback to CreateSpace, the Amazon division that produces print-on-demand paperbacks.

I then went to work on the files for the Kindle version, and I’m still working on them. I hope to have those done within a couple of days.

So sometime today, I’m expecting to hear back from CreateSpace, and if the message is that everything looks good to them, I need to “proof” the book. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do that online tonight.

But what’s all that mean?

It means we’re right on target for that Nov. 18 release of The Hall of the Prophetess.

I’ll keep you updated!

In the meantime, you’d better make sure you’re ready for Book 3:

The House in the Old Wood

Karia’s Path

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