Ten families fed, thanks to you

17 Dec

Thank you!

You are already feeding ten families for a week!

That’s the amount of rice and beans that Rice & Beans Foundation will be able to purchase because you’ve chosen to enjoy the journey this month. In December, $1 from each purchase of any book in my series, The Day Magic Died, is going to feed needy people in Nicaragua. Each dollar provides enough to feed a family for a day.

Think about that for a moment. Already you’ve provided the equivalent of enough rice and beans to feed ten families, not for a day, but for a week each.

We’re past the middle of the month, so I think we’re on track to perhaps feed 15 families for a week by the time we’re done. This is great. Thank you for working together to help others.

But do you think maybe we can push together to feed 20 families?

Would you invite your friends to enjoy the journey and feed a family? Will you encourage them to buy a book this month? Or will you buy a book for them as a gift?

Each purchase in December feeds a family for a day. Please share the journey, and feed lots of families!

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