Still time to win a paperback

18 Dec

The House in the Old Wood coverYou still have a few days to enter a drawing for a free paperback of The House in the Old Wood.

The giveaway is going on over at Goodreads. If you’re not familiar with Goodreads, it’s a great community of people who like to read. If you like to read, you should check it out.

Twelve lucky people will receive a free paperback version of the first book of the series, The Day Magic Died. Already, 375 people have entered, but you still have a better-than-3 percent chance of winning one. Those are pretty good odds, all things considered. If my math is right. And please remember, I am a writer, not a mathematician. See, I just proved it: I knew how to spell mathematician.

Anyway, you can enter through Friday, Dec. 20, and I plan to ship the books out on Dec. 26. Sort of like a late Christmas gift. Enter here.

But keep in mind, if you want a paperback and you don’t win one, you can help feed a family. For every December purchase of a paperback or Kindle edition of The House in the Old Wood, Karia’s Path or The Hall of the Prophetess, $1 will go to Rice & Beans Foundation to feed needy families in Nicaragua, where a dollar buys enough rice and beans for a day.

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