Free paperbacks on their way

20 Dec

The House in the Old Wood coverCongratulations to the 12 winners of free paperback editions of The House in the Old Wood, courtesy of Goodreads.

Thanks to all the folks who shared the giveaway on Facebook and other places, and to the 811 who entered the giveaway.

If you were one of the 799 who didn’t win a copy, and especially if you’re one of the 392 who put The House in the Old Wood on their “to read” list, there’s no better time to get a copy than now. That’s because this month, $1 from the sale of each book in the series The Day Magic Died will help feed needy people.

In fact, that $1 will feed a family for a day in Nicaragua, where Rice & Beans Foundation will use 100 percent of the funds to buy rice and beans for needy families.

So enjoy the journey and feed a family.

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