What if all you had was rice and beans?

21 Dec

If you’ve read Karia’s Path, the second book in the series The Day Magic Died, you might remember this passage:

As the afternoon drew to a close and the sun sank toward the horizon, the trees began to thin again. The swamp became shallower, and there were more and more open patches with reeds. When they came upon a relatively dry patch of ground about an hour before sunset, they decided to make camp. Happily, this dry patch had a few trees, so that meant a place for the hammock and dry sticks scattered around on the ground for a fire.

Since it was still light, they got a fire going and she cooked some hinarka and kariki the way Karia’s mom cooked it for her dad. She was very pleased when Gerik liked it, and she realized this was the first time she had cooked for him. This was not exactly the dish she would have chosen, or the place, but it still seemed rather romantic.

Rice and beans – or in this case, hinarka and kariki – was all Karia had to cook.

That’s how it is for many poor people in Nicaragua. Living on $2 a day doesn’t provide for much more than what is absolutely necessary. So receiving $1 worth of rice and beans is a big deal for them – a big help with their daily costs of living.

This month, $1 from the sale of each book in my series, The Day Magic Died, will go to Rice & Beans Foundation. They’ll use 100 percent of those funds to provide rice and beans to needy families in Nicaragua.

Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell complete strangers.

Enjoy the journey and feed a family.

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