Also coming in February

22 Dec

Along with the release of the fourth book, The Dwarf’s Legacy, planned for February. come some other exciting developments.

I’m looking into a third edition of The House in the Old Wood with some minor revisions. I’m glad so many people have liked the book as it is. At the same time, I’m paying attention to critical comments, and I think a few changes might be in order. If you have any thoughts on what might improve the first book, or any of the others, please feel free to share them. Will I agree with everything I hear? No. But I will listen.

Let me tell you a quick story to try to explain that. I used to work with another writer whose approach was completely different from mine. When she’d review my work, she’d suggest changes – changes that I almost never made. But I could see why she suggested the changes, and when I addressed the issues, my writing was better. That’s why I say, I won’t agree with everything I hear, but I will listen.

I will also be unveiling a new logo for the series, The Day Magic Died. If I knew what I was doing, this would have been done before the first book was out. But since the first book was my first published novel ever, I’m learning as I go.

That logo will go on every cover, meaning there will be updated covers for The House in the Old Wood, Karia’s Path and The Hall of the Prophetess.

I’ll also be using the logo on Facebook and wherever else we’re discussing the whole series. That includes a new bookmark.

The artist who is working on it for me says she’ll have it done tonight. We’ll see.

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