Poll: Tell me which you like

11 Jan

voteSo, I have five ideas for what comes next, and I’d like you to tell me what you think:

Dancer of the Red Sands: Farmers band together and Ferals stand alone, as people try to find some way to survive. The Beasts have overrun their land, and it falls to Tisa – an outcast Feral, now also disowned by the farm family who took her in – to set out in search of the army that was supposed to come and vanquish the Beasts.

The Messenger of Allengia: At age 48, Jek has finally decided that it’s time to step out of the saddle as a Messenger of the goddess of truth, and become an abbot of his order. He welcomes the summons from the Temple of Allengia in Tilaundia. But he isn’t offered a posting; he’s given his most important message ever. It’s a message so important that he’ll be accompanied by two other Messengers: the boy he calls Biscuit, and the imposing mute, Hizardin. Because the last five solo messengers have failed.

Truetouch: The priest is sure the boy is hiding something, running from someone. And the reason he call tell is … he’s running too. But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine the strange power the boy is imbued with. It’s a power so great that when they meet a girl who considers herself a goddess, she thinks the boy is a god. Since none of them can go home, they decide to try to make lives for themselves in a new land. Soon enough they discover that there’s something about each of them that cries out for them to not simply live, but to live for others. They band together to do just that.

Bard of the Galaxies: For tens of thousands of centuries, the people of Gralaha atoned for their history as rampaging, pillaging warriors by collecting the songs of every culture, every people, every village, to preserve and celebrate them in the Living Library of Sulah. That all ended 258 years ago when someone destroyed the Library in a cataclysm so great that the only survivors of Gralaha were those few out gathering songs at the time. One of them, Michael, has chased clues across the galaxies ever since, and believes he has finally tracked down the terrorist responsible. He’s hiding somewhere on a tiny blue planet that its inhabitants call Earth.

The Ring of Arrochar: Centuries ago, Sunassa conquered Arrochar. Decades of unrest eased as Susanna instituted reforms and granted Arrochar significant rights to self-rule. While those of Arrochar still consider themselves Arrochites first, most are also loyal citizens of Sunassa. So Maari and her family, who run a public house in the remote village of Djunadil, serve Arrochites and Sunassans alike. She’s even dared to consider the advances of a dashing young Sunassa lieutenant, posted in a tiny, insignificant outpost nearby, though marriage would go against centuries of tradition. Then the rumors begin … rumors of the Ring. The Ring of Arrochar, the rightful possession of the true king of Arrochar, disappeared during the Sunassa invasion. Now people are saying that an ancient prophecy foretells its imminent return. And the rumors say it’s already out there. As unrest threatens to spread into bloody war, Maari discovers that she might just hold the key to stopping it.

Based on Facebook Shares and “Likes” on the blog, it looks like the early leaders are Dancer of the Red Sands and Bard of the Galaxies. But let’s see what the poll says …

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