What’s after The Day Magic Died? (Part 5)

10 Jan

May marks the debut of the final book in the series The Day Magic Died. So I’ve got to start on what comes next, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Today, let me tell you about …

arocharThe Ring of Arrochar: Centuries ago, Sunassa conquered Arrochar. Decades of unrest eased as Susanna instituted reforms and granted Arrochar significant rights to self-rule. While those of Arrochar still consider themselves Arrochites first, most are also loyal citizens of Sunassa. So Maari and her family, who run a public house in the remote village of Djunadil, serve Arrochites and Sunassans alike. She’s even dared to consider the advances of a dashing young Sunassa lieutenant, posted in a tiny, insignificant outpost nearby, though marriage would go against centuries of tradition. Then the rumors begin … rumors of the Ring. The Ring of Arrochar, the rightful possession of the true king of Arrochar, disappeared during the Sunassa invasion. Now people are saying that an ancient prophecy foretells its imminent return. And the rumors say it’s already out there. As unrest threatens to spread into bloody war, Maari discovers that she might just hold the key to stopping it.

This one scares me, since I already envision it as a five-book series.

I have written a plot summary and a sketched (in words) of a couple of key characters.

What do you think? Do any of those catch your interest? Is there one that you would be eager to read next?

Tomorrow I’ll post a poll so you can vote for your favorite …

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