What’s after The Day Magic Died? (Part 1)

6 Jan

With the fourth of five books coming out in February, and the fifth one due out in May, I’ve been thinking about and even working on what comes next.

So this week I’m going to share some story ideas with you to see what you think. At the end I’ll try to post a poll (never done that before), but feel free to share your thoughts along the way.

Let’s start with …

Dancer of the Red Sands: Farmers band together and Ferals stand alone, as people try to find some way to survive. The Beasts have overrun their land, and it falls to Tisa – an outcast Feral, now also disowned by the farm family who took her in – to set out in search of the army that was supposed to come and vanquish the Beasts.

This is a trilogy at this point. Just bear in mind that when I started The Day Magic Died, I thought it would be one book and it turned into five. But that doesn’t mean a planned trilogy will come out as fifteen books. I hope.

I have about 18,000 words written in the first book of this series, and about 5,000 written in the second book. I have a fairly detailed summary of the storyline completed as well.

Tomorrow: The Messenger of Allengia

What do you think of the Dancer of the Red Sands idea?

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