What’s after The Day Magic Died? (Part 4)

9 Jan

With the last book in the series The Day Magic Died, due out in May, I’ve been thinking about what comes next. So far you’ve heard about:

Today, it’s …

bardBard of the Galaxies: For tens of thousands of centuries, the people of Gralaha atoned for their history as rampaging, pillaging warriors by collecting the songs of every culture, every people, every village, to preserve and celebrate them in the Living Library of Sulah. That all ended 258 years ago when someone destroyed the Library in a cataclysm so great that the only survivors of Gralaha were those few out gathering songs at the time. One of them, Michael, has chased clues across the galaxies ever since, and believes he has finally tracked down the terrorist responsible. He’s hiding somewhere on a tiny blue planet that its inhabitants call Earth.

This is intended at this point to be a standalone book, leading me to be concerned that it could actually end up like The Day Magic Died: a single story told in multiple volumes.

I’ve written a story summary and the prologue.

Tomorrow: The Ring of Arrochar

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