What’s after The Day Magic Died? (Part 3)

8 Jan

With the end in sight for the series The Day Magic Died, I wanted to share some ideas I’ve had for what comes next. Monday I shared a concept I’m calling The Dancer of the Red Sands. Tuesday I shared about The Messenger of Allengia. Today, it’s …

TruetouchTruetouch: The priest is sure the boy is hiding something, running from someone. And the reason he call tell is … he’s running too. But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine the strange power the boy is imbued with. It’s a power so great that when they meet a girl who considers herself a goddess, she thinks the boy is a god. Since none of them can go home, they decide to try to make lives for themselves in a new land. Soon enough they discover that there’s something about each of them that cries out for them to not simply live, but to live for others. They band together to do just that.

Intended as an ongoing series.

I’ve written about 20,000 words of the first book.

Tomorrow: Bard of the Galaxies

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