What’s after The Day Magic Died? (Part 2)

7 Jan

With my series wrapping up in the first half of 2014, I wanted to share some ideas I’ve been working on for the second half of the year. Yesterday I shared a concept I’m calling The Dancer of the Red Sands. Today, it’s …

The Messenger of Allengia: At age 48, Jek has finally decided that it’s time to step out Messengerof the saddle as a Messenger of the goddess of truth, and become an abbot of his order. He welcomes the summons from the Temple of Allengia in Tilaundia. But he isn’t offered a posting; he’s given his most important message ever. It’s a message so important that he’ll be accompanied by two other Messengers: the boy he calls Biscuit, and the imposing mute, Hizardin. Because the last five solo messengers have failed.

This is another series that is intended to be a trilogy, but could actually end up being longer.

I have a fairly detailed summary for the first book drafted, and have written about 6,000 words.

Tomorrow: Truetouch

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