Time for romance …

14 Feb

Ah, Valentine’s Day. What better time to tell you a bit about the romance novella I’ve written?

You didn’t know I’ve written a romance novella?

I sure have: The sort-of Murder of Fiona Galloway.

Well, actually, it’s a Science Fiction/Western/Paranormal/Romance/Hard-Boiled-Detective/Humor novella. But there’s romance in there. Somewhere. Trust me on this. Or better yet, get a copy so you can see if I’m telling the truth.

What, you want to know a little more? OK, here’s the back cover text:

Nascent Payne – part-time bounty hunter, smuggler and soldier, currently private investigator – has been hired to find whoever killed dear, sweet Fiona Galloway. Was it her “slick” boss? Her former lover, or the smitten ranchhand? Perhaps it was her self-proclaimed “bestest friend.” Or maybe it was a conspiracy involving some seriously weird research, as Payne’s mechanic believes.

One thing is for uncertain: Fiona is dead.

The sort-of Murder of Fiona Galloway is just the right size to give the average reader a couple of hours of enjoyable reading. But you’re above average, so you’ll enjoy it that much more. So make a cup of coffee or tea, or get a cold beverage. Put your feet up. Get the lighting right. And enjoy.

Get your copy of The sort-of Murder of Fiona Galloway

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