So I made a dress …

24 Mar

Yes, I made a dress ...You’re still waiting for a book, and I went and made a dress.

Permit me to first clarify, it was for my wife, not me. In case you were wondering. Oh, you weren’t wondering, were you? And now you are. Wonderful. Let’s move on …

I made a dress so you can get a book.


For about a month and a half, I poured every spare hour into rewriting Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy. I completed that at the end of January, and passed it off to my critical readers.

And then my “day job” got hectic. I serve as a writer and editor for New Tribes Mission, and through most of February I was pouring myself into getting out the next issue of our magazine.

Then I heard back from all of my critical readers, and there was a lot of work to do. So I tried to do it. I really did. I wanted to get the fourth book to you in February, and then I was sure I could get it out in March. But nothing was working.

So I started making a dress.

You see, when I just can’t write, when I’ve “spent” all my creative writing energy, I need to recharge it. One thing I’ve found works very well is engaging in some creative endeavor totally unrelated to writing.

Like making an Elizabethan gown for my wife.

I completed the dress earlier this month, so I have now begun attacking Book 4 again with vigor, instead of slogging through it. You deserve my best writing. The series deserves my best writing. And now I’ve put myself in a position to deliver that.

It’s taking longer than I wanted it to, but, hey, I’ve still put out four books between two of George RR Martin’s books. (And that’s about all the comparison I’ll do with other authors, especially with other authors who have sold a whole stinking huge lot more books than I have. Which is actually most authors, come to think of it.)

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