It worked

27 Mar
Detail of beading on the collar of the dress I made

Detail of beading on the collar of the dress I made

My last post begged a question.

If I made a dress to refresh myself so I could get Book 4 rewritten again, how well did that work?
Pretty well, actually.

I’ve gone through the entire manuscript of The Dwarf’s Legacy at least twice. In addition, I’ve looked at particular sections and reworked them. I’ve addressed everything that all five of my critical readers spotted, and spotted a few more things myself. I’d say the writing and editing is 95 percent done at this point.

What’s left?

  • There are three specific “scenes” I think need more work, so I will go back and adjust those.
  • I have given the manuscript to two of my critical readers for another check, so I am sure I’ll hear back from them soon. Another set of eyes always helps.
  • After all of that is taken care of, I want to let the book “rest” for a few days, then come back and read through the entire book. I need to be sure the story flows properly and the characters are consistent. In fact, I may use part of that time to sketch out how I see a few of the key characters developing in this book, and check what I’ve written against that.

I am hoping that will result, by the end of April, in the release of Book 4, The Dwarf’s Legacy. I know, that’s two months later than expected, but the book is a whole lot better than it was in February. I’m trying to make it worth the wait.

Let me put it this way. I spent hours and hours — about 50 in all — hand-beading the dress I made. It would have been a really nice dress even without all that work; that work put it over the top, and made it truly special. That’s what I’m trying to do with The Dwarf’s Legacy.

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