Dad always said …

13 Jun

The House in the Old Wood coverDid your dad have favorite sayings? Things you heard all the time?

Or were there things that he may have said only once, that you really remembered because they were so pithy, or meant so much to you?

Karia – whose story is told in the series, The Day Magic Died – seems to remember one sentence that her dad said more than any other. It’s because she needs to keep reminding herself of it.

You see, Visili is a deceiver. He’s not just a liar. He’s a conniver. A self-serving illusionist and manipulator. And he’s really good at it. So that’s why she keeps reminding herself of the words of her dad:

“This kind always lies.”

It’s not the most profound thing Reva ever said to her. That distinction probably goes to his response when she declared that it wasn’t right that she had to work in the mud while the boys got to go to town:

“Right and wrong have nothing to do with what you want or what you feel, Tsil.”

Sometimes dads say things that remind of what we should have done, like when Karia remembers her dad saying,

“You and me, Karia, we do things the right way.”

And at other times, dads say things that make us stop and think. That’s what happened when Reva said,

“Karia, I figure if other people can forgive all the mistakes I’ve made, I can forgive one or two by them.”

These are the things that guide Karia as she takes on a huge challenge. I hope you’ll come along with us and enjoy the journey.

The House in the Old Wood is available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon.

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