Music to write by

20 Jun

The House in the Old Wood coverOne musical group has been playing in the background more than any other as I have written the series, The Day Magic Died.

As I began writing The House in the Old Wood, I would often put on music by Cantiga, usually their album Martha’s Dragon. It seemed like the perfect background music as I created Karia’s world; in fact, I came to almost see it as her soundtrack, and frequently played it throughout the creation of the series.

You can find out more about Cantiga at their website:

The other artist whose music was frequently playing as I wrote the series is harpist Sarah Marie Mullen. Though there is no particular album or song I associated with any of the characters, it helped set the scene and create the mood for me. I could imagine much of what she plays on the harp being played on Tika’s jiriliyika.

Sarah Marie Mullen has a website as well:

I have also discovered something interesting. I usually like it quiet when I read. But when I am reading my books (yes, I read my own books – how else do you think I can keep this story straight?), I like to listen to Cantiga and Sarah Marie Mullen.

Are there particular artists you like to listen to – or perhaps better, to have on in the background – while you read?

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